Geothermal energy to provide heating and hot water

Glasgow under street heating plan unveiled.
Good to see that new research by Caledonian University will investigate the potential for using flooded tunnels under the city to provide geothermal energy. The first stage of the research will focus on the Clyde Gateway Regeneration area.
11 years ago Director Alison Glen was project architect for a eco-retrofit project in Lumphinnans, Fife using the water from flooded coal mines  to provide heating and hot water to 18 flats.
She was also involved in a newbuild geothermal project at Glenalmond Street, Shettleston.

1 thought on “Geothermal energy to provide heating and hot water

  1. Dear Sirs,

    My name is Skye Dick, I am currently involved in a university project with the intension of proving renewable heat to a chosen area of Scotland.

    My group have made the decision to exploit the flooded mines beneath Glasgow as a low temp reservoir for a heat pump sourced district heating scheme.

    I am working on the compliance aspects for the group and currently creating the social and environment plan for the project, where we have been looking at a housing development in South Dalmarnock.

    The scale of the project we are aiming is between 1 – 1.5 MW thermal production for space heating and hot water, aiming to be achieved through an open- loop reinjection system.

    The hydrochemistry of the water source is important in this project, from research it seems that the Glenalmond scheme in Shettleston has had no incidences with iron content. We were then going to assume this to be homogeneous across the Glasgow city catchment area, have you any thoughts on this?

    Any advice on social and environmental aspects which you have came across would e greatly appreciated and we will of course forward you any significant finding we have in our final report.

    Kind Regards,
    Skye Dick (4th year Civil Engineering student, Glasgow University).

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